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Recover Green Roofs

Photo by Kevin Kacamburas

Whole Foods Market- Lynnfield, MA

Whole Foods Market- Lynnfield, MA

Recover designed and installed the most practical and efficient food-producing roof for the new Whole Foods Market in Lynnfield. After nearly two years of collaboration with a team of architects, designers, engineers, and horticultural specialists the complete 17,000 sq ft rooftop farm will supply the market with thousands of pounds of hyper-local produce each year.

The rooftop farm will provide Whole Foods shoppers with access to fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers grown on the Lynnfield store’s rooftop. The majority of the materials were sourced locally, including a soil blend from Read Custom Soils (Canton, MA), plants from Red Fire Farm (Granby, MA), fencing from Louis E. Page (Littleton, MA), Black Locust lumber (Worcester, MA), and Encendia Biochar (New Haven, CT). In addition to sourcing local materials, Green City Growers (Somerville, MA) will utilize organic farming practices and plan to harvest 10,000 pounds of produce annually.

The Rain Bird irrigation system will measure temperature, humidity, solar exposure, and wind. These metrics will detect the rate of evapotranspiration and will schedule irrigation accordingly.

Recover installed a 42″ ballasted Guardian railing system around the perimeter of the rooftop farm that meets all OSHA standards without any mechanical fastenings.


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